Main Renewable Energy Sources You Need To Know

We are inevitably heading towards an energy crisis. It is highly important that we reduce our clear dependence on energy sources that are non-renewable. Renewable energy production should be done at a massive scale. Instead of staying focus on how to find some cheap Instagram likes or other things that are not of importance to humanity, start learning about the main renewable energy sources that you can use in your homes. See if one of them is appropriate.

Wind Energy

We have been using wind turbines for thousands of years. They are useful for dragging boats, grinding flour and pumping water, just to name a few. When the industrial revolution came, a new purpose was found. Wind turbines started to produce electricity.

Nowadays, wind turbines are highly effective in producing electricity. They are capable of producing so much power. If the turbines are used at smaller scale they are more than capable of substituting conventional energy sources that are used in homes. The household gets off the grid and a lot of money is saved.

Solar Energy

Out of all the energy sources out there, the sun is the one that is readily available. We can use it at really large extents. Technology is constantly getting better and it is easier than ever to harness the sun’s power. Solar power is highly cost-effective, protects the environment and does not require much maintenance. You can use the sun to power your home or simply cook your meals.

Hydro Energy

Water power (also known as hydro power) was initially used at an industrial river on waterfalls and rivers. They were useful as they helped move water to grind flour or for irrigation purposes. Nowadays, we use hydro power in order to produce electricity for businesses and households. We have this power generated at larger scales. For instance, we have the Hoover Dam. It was built in order to over all the electricity Las Vegas needs.

Geothermal Energy

We normally have geothermal power being produced where there is ongoing volcanic activity present. Magma has to be close to the surface of the Earth. We have this present in Iceland as an example. Large power productions exist there and the use of geothermal energy is highly common. There are many large power plants that are built over geysers. Steam basically moves turbines and produces electricity.


These 4 alternative green energy sources are really popular at the moment and the technology used for them is constantly improving. It is not at all difficult to eventually get all the power we need from the green energy sources but this means that people need to start showing interest for that. People are normally reliant on what they already have in their homes and rarely consider adding solar panels or a wind turbine in their yards. Once a wider acceptance appears among homeowners it is a certainty that the interest of power companies will shift. Replacing the regular energy sources we are accustomed to with the ones that are renewable is what the future holds.